Expect Referrals gets a brand new look. It’s fresher, cleaner and more intuitive.

Expect Referrals meets Web 2.0 and it is a perfect match.  Only a year and a half old and already the product had grown out of its look.  “Basically, we ran out of room to add new features.” explains CEO, Jody Murphy.  “Then, when we took a step back and looked at the product’s interface, we realized that is was flat so we took the time to do a complete redesign.  And, I know our customers are going to be very happy with it.”

The new interface places features in categories so it is easier to find what you need.  When ER was first launched, the set up process was very linear so the design was meant to keep people focused on the steps they needed to complete for set up.  Now, with tons new features like a mobile site, the referral plug in and social media, users has a choice of what they want to set up so linear no longer worked.

The team at Expect Referrals spent many months reviewing the best of the best in software as a service and then sat down with seasoned interface designers to create the new look.  There is plenty of room for growth now so everyone can expect new features and functionality in the future all within this new design.  We hope you like it as much as we do.

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