Thank them for sharing, but give your customers more if they do more. Introducing Multi-Tiered and Purchase Based incentives.

As a software company, we really want to be everything to everybody.  But, we can’t.  We may have gotten a little overzealous with this latest product release so our apologies for being late.  Our next few scheduled releases will have fewer features and we are planning on more “add-ons” that make advertising and fulfilling on your program more effective.

In the 4.1 though, there are two additional features that you will probably find pretty handy if you have a more complex idea for your incentive-sharing program.  They are the purchase based sharing program and the multi-tiered incentive program.

The purchase based incentive feature allows you to delay the Bonus Incentive email until after one of your customers’ friends’ makes a purchase. Here’s how it works …  Let your customers know that you will give them the bonus incentive after one of the people they share with uses their incentive.  Then, acquire the unique 10 digit code on the Incentive email by either requiring the person to bring it in or ask for it on phone or with Internet purchases.  Then, enter the 10-digit code into the Redeemed Coupons section of Expect Referrals.  When the code is entered, that will trigger the Bonus Incentive email to go out.  We will keep track of the redeemed coupons for you and you can export a list of all the ones used in the Reporting section.  Pretty great, right?

You may want to get even more advanced and offer different bonus incentives for different levels of activity.  That is what the multi-tiered incentive feature manages for you.  Let’s say you will give your customers a bonus incentive of $10 for every 3 people they share with; $25 for every 5 people they share with; and $50 for every 10 people they share with.  Set the details of your program and create a Bonus Incentive email for each tier.  You can also set your tiers to work with # of purchases instead of # of shares.  Just remember that you have to redeem the coupons for purchase incentives to work.

Our goal at Expect Referrals is to give you the flexibility you need while making things simple and easy to use.  With all the new features in this 4.1 release, we hope to have achieved this.  If there is a feature that you want to see in a future release, please let us know.

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