I created a custom form using radio buttons, but my choices look weird.

If  you are using drop down, multiple choice or radio buttons and the possible answers are displaying oddly, I am pretty sure I know why.  Your answer selections are divided by commas, so if you use commas inside one answer selection, it is going to split it where the comma is.  For example, if your question is:  What is your current marketing budget?  And your answers are:  

1) above $1,000

2) between $2,000 - $3,000

Then your answer selections will look like this: 

1) above $1

2) 000

3) between $2

3) 000

and so on.  Everywhere there is a comma, it is treated as a separate entry.  I made this mistake a lot during testing and drove the developers crazy telling them things were broken.  :)  Just remove all commas that are not separating choices and you are good to go!

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