My variables are a different font than the rest of my text? How come?

When you insert a "variable" into your text, it comes in at the same font and size as every other variable because the system does not know what font, size and color you have chose.  To fix this, just click the "EDIT" (or the little pencil icon) highlight all the text (including the variable) and select the font, size and color you wish.  Then click "SAVE" (or the little disk icon).  This should solve your problem.  However ... sometimes these variables can cause a bit of a problem so if it does not work, take a breath and please repeat the process ... edit, highlight, make your selections and save.  If it still does not work - try it one more time.  If it still does not work, try and highlight just the variable and select the same font, size and color as the rest.  One of these methods should do the trick.  If not, give us a shout.

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