The variable text keeps deleting when I try to type after it. How can I stop it from doing that??

If you are using variables, then you may experience a problem when they are being inserted. This issue is occurring for some browsers, not all, and mostly on Macs.  Don't worry - you can still use variables, you just need to go about it another way.  One way to use a variable is to to type your text, i.e. - We are offering [CustomerIncentiveOffer] for your participation in our program.  You probably type the beginning, then insert the variable and try to keep going.  If that work for you - YAY!  If you are having problems, then what is likely happening is that when you put your cursor after the varibale, the variable is highlighted blue and when you start to type it deletes. Here is the fix ...  Type your entire sentence, i.e - We are offering  for your participation in our program.  You see how I left an extra space where the variable goes.  After you finish your sentence, put your cursor where you want the variable, go the "Variable" box in the edit tools, click on the variable you want and hit save.  If you have any problems, just shout out to us.  

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