Can I really use the leads as I get in future marketing? Is that CAN SPAM compliant?

We are SO happy you have asked that question because that means you are a responsible marketer and we really like responsible marketers.  Yes, you can use the leads you get through your site activity.  As a matter of fact, we encourage it.  That said, it is important that you do it appropriately.  Why?  Two reasons - one, it is your reputation and you dont want to get a rep for being a spammer and two - because you can be fined heavily if you dont!

We have a few tips to help you be responsible in your follow up marketing and to make sure you stay on everyone's good side.  :)

1.  ALWAYS check the unsubscribes from Expect Referrals.  Go to the reporting page often and export the database of anyone who has unsubscribed and dont talk to them anymore.  We remove them from communication within Expect Referrals, but you need to make sure to remove them from your database as well.

2.  Be clear in your communication!  When you follow up, you might want to remind people why you have their email. They may not remember the incentive email they got so remind them who you are and why you have their name and that will increase their comfort level.

3.  Make it VERY obvious how to unsubscribe.  Everyone knows they can unsubscribe from any email communication so we like to make it very obvious so people feel like they have a choice.  And, it looks good for you too because it makes you look credible and not mischievous.

4.  Be familiar with what you can and cannot do.  In other words, if you are using email marketing, know what it is in the Can Spam compliance rules.  Here are two ways you can learn more:

     Read the compliance act yourself -

     Watch this short video from the Federal Trade Commission -

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