How can I use my own domain for my Expect Referrals site?

Currently, this is not a feature we have available.  It is being considered for future product releases and would love to know if this is something you want so please let us know.  In the meantime, we have a suggestion if you want to use your own domain address; use the Referral Plugin feature.  The Referral Plugin is a widget that you can set up that will allow you to place a piece of code on your own web page that mimics the traditional four page website.  You can buy your own domain address.  Have a page designed to your liking and leave room for Referral Plugin.  Go to your account and set up the Referral Plugin.  Click generate code at the bottom of the page and inset that code on your new page.  Everything behind the scenes will work the same so you wont miss out on any data tracking or functionality.  We hope this works for you in the meantime.

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