How does the Purchased Based incentive program work?

When we first release Expect Referrals, you could only reward your customers for sharing with a defined number of people.  In the 4.1 product release, we introduced the purchased based feature.  The concept is simple.  Your customers can share with as many people as they want, but they dont get an incentive until one of the people they share with actually purchases.  To make this work, you have to take one additional step to let Expect Referrals know when it is time to send the Customer Incentive email.


Each email that gets sent has a unique barcode and a unique ten digit code printed on it.  To use the purchased based feature, here is what you do:

1- When someone uses the Sharing Incentive, capture that ten digit code.  You can ask them to tell it to you, you can collect the actual email from them, they can enter it on your ecommerce site.  

2- Once you have that code, log into your Expect Referrals account and go to the section called Redeemed Coupons.  

3 - Enter that 10 digit code or scan the barcode and ER has what it needs.

That code/barcode tells ER which customer shared with that person and knows that it is then time to send the customer the Customer Incentive email.  You can also export a spreadsheet detailing all the information about your redeemed coupons in the Reports section.  This is a great analysis tool to see how you are doing with your campaign and determine what your return on investment is from the campaign.

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